Website Migration

The UBMBC website is moving to a new home.


Our Club website has been running on the Adobe Business Catalyst CMS Platform since March 2013. Business Catalyst has been a secure, reliable home for the Club website.

As a result, our Activities Program, Club Membership and important Guidelines are readily accessible on phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Unfortunately Adobe will shut down the Business Catalyst CMS Platform on on 26 September 2021. Thousands of websites around the world using Business Catalyst have until then to find a new home.

The UBMBC website will migrate to Treepl CMS. Treepl CMS is a secure, reliable content management system built specifically to replace Business Catalyst. Treepl CMS replicates all Business Catalyst functionality and offers a lot more.

Project Status

A test instance of the UBMBC Website was built using Treepl to confirm base CMS functionality.

Data stored in the production UBMBC website was reviewed/cleansed to ensure the minimum data was migrated.

Website data has been moved from Business Catalyst to a new Treepl website and converted to Treepl data structures. Code has been moved. Standard code has been converted to work with Treepl. UBMBC specific code has been rewritten to work in the Treepl environment.

Code refactoring is ongoing. Forms and Workflows have yet to be converted.

New Accounts were created for each Club Member on the new website during migration. More work is required to complete integration of the the Member database into the Treepl environment. Members will be advised when they can access the new website.

Project Steps
Data Cleansing
Data Migration
Code Conversion
Code Refactoring
In Progress
Menus Conversion
Forms Conversion
In Progress
Mail Migration
Not Started
In Progress
DNS Cutover
Not Started
Go Live
Not Started

Last Update: 22-Nov-2020