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Sat - 19-Jun-2021
4 MHX - Day Walk
Lockleys and Lycon Plateau
Walk to Lockleys Pylon , Yardley Cave and then across to Walford Walls . the Lycon Plateau coming down to cross Rocky Creek and up to the Pinnacles. A circular walk, mostly off track good views
Map: KatoombaAdded: 20-Apr-2021

Sat - 05-Jun-2021
4 MHX - Day Walk
Lagoon Creek Gold Mine
Old gold mine with many bits of apparatus around and solid stone tunnels that one can explore. In WInburndale Nature Reserve
Map: PortlandAdded: 20-Apr-2021

Sat - 01-May-2021
5 H - Abseiling
Bungonia Creek Canyon
Bungonia Creek is more of a gorge with a lot of creek walking between, over and under large boulders. There are about 4 abseils (12m, 35m, 60m, 45m). There are a few swims, up to 30 metres in length. There is a very steep climb at the end of the canyon. This trip will involve a long day, and an early start. Camping fees 17.00 per night. Park entry 8.00 per vehicle.
Map: Not SpecifiedAdded: 15-Apr-2021

Fri - 30-Apr-2021
5 HX - Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Spot Height 958 and Green Gully Divide
Park on the eastern edge of the Little Capertee Creek Camping Ground and make our way to Petries Gully. At GR 438 276, take a western tributary, then exit northwards and climb to spot height 958. Continue to a high point at GR 437 296, then descend north west on a spur to a lookout spot at around GR 441 303. Retrace to the previous high point, then use a known slot to come underneath the cliffs. Return via Green Gully Divide. Partly exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. About 15 km.
Map: Ben BullenAdded: 19-Apr-2021

Mon - 26-Apr-2021
3 M - Day Walk
Pippas Creek, Florabella Pass (part) and Glenbrook Creek
See sections of Pippas Creek and waterfall, Florabella Pass (part) and Glenbrook Creek
Map: SpringwoodAdded: 20-Apr-2021

Sun - 25-Apr-2021
3 M - Day Walk
Redledge Pass
After setting up are car shuffle we depart from the locked gate at Narrow Neck. A 2 km walk along the road brings us to a bush track that descends to a gully with a lovely waterfall. We make our way along the cliffs to Redledge Pass then follow the ridge down to the remains of the Glen Shale mines. This includes adits, the winding wheel and other artefacts. Next we follow the path of skip tram way to Devils Hole for a climb through the cliffs to our vehicles.
Map: KatoombaAdded: 11-Apr-2021

Sun - 25-Apr-2021
4 MH - Day Walk
Upper Breakfast Creek Deferred
This is a pleasant creek walk suitable for experienced walkers. From Blackheath we drive along the Megalong Valley to Dunphy Car park. The walk begins with a steep climb on a fire trail until we reach Bellbird Ridge. Here rock scrambling is involved as we descend off track to Breakfast Creek. We follow the creek up stream with rock hopping and climbs around waterfalls. After 2 km of creek walking we exit at Glenalan Spurs and return along the Medlow Gap Fire Trail. (5 km) Walk Postponed Flood Damage.
Map: JamisonAdded: 11-Apr-2021

Sat - 24-Apr-2021
4 MH - Day Walk
Mount Banks Walkabout
Meet at Mount Banks Picnic area. Walk a few km along the fire trail then head up to Onion Ring Point followed by 500m Abseil Point. Next, we cut across the summit to 270 Degree Panorama Point. Finally follow the cliff line round back to the cars. A shortish walk of 4 to 5 hrs. Some bits of thickish bush. Great views of the Grose Valley.
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 20-Apr-2021

Sat - 24-Apr-2021
4 MH - Pack Walk
Splendour Rock Bushwalkers Anzac Service
Pack Walk - Saturday 24th April to Sunday 25th April.Walk along Narrow Neck out to Splendour Rock and return.18 klm each day. It will be a 5.30 am rise on Anzac day for dawn service at 6.00 am. This site is the bushwalkers memorial site where a plaque was placed in 1948 and the services commenced from that date. The walk is along track (hopefully, after the fires) all the way with a couple of steep climbs. Water is not available at the campsite and needs to be carried. You would need to carry at least 3 litres of water to get you through the walk in, at night, and for the walk out. Meeting place will be at the locked gate on Narrow Neck.Tent and cooking equipment required.
Map: JamisonAdded: 20-Apr-2021

Thu - 22-Apr-2021
3 M - Abseiling
Abseil Training for Beginners
This is a basic abseil training day at Mt Boyce near Blackheath. and is intended for members who walk with UBMBC and who have not abseiled previously. It will cover ropes, anchors and equipment, safety checks, personal anchors, abseiling technique and belay. The venue at Mt Boyce has progressively steeper cliff faces that are ideal for training. Following the training we drive to Medlow Bath where we put skills into practice in Juggler Canyon, which has 6 abseils. The day ends with a lovely walk through part of the Grand Canyon. Members who complete the training successfully will be approved to attend easier canyons on the UBMBC program. You will need a helmet, harness, carabiner and descender. Equipment must be approved to European or North American safety standards. Bicycle helmets and helmets from other sports are not acceptable. Please do not buy new equipment, you will be given advice on the day, which includes shops that offer discounts for UBMBC members. I also have equipment for loan for the day. Before booking in for this program please read Guidelines for Canyoners on the UBMBC website. Members must have done at least one bushwalk with UBMBC and have completed a non-abseil canyon (eg Grand Canyon, Du Faurs Canyon, Rocky Creek )Canyoning involves carrying wet suits, ropes and equipment as well as scrambling over slippery rocks and climbing in steep, rugged country. A suitable level of fitness and agility is required.
Map: KatoombaAdded: 10-Apr-2021

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