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Sat - 05-Sep-2020
4 MH - Day Walk
Mt Victoria heads
This is a romp with the Norse gods who guard this part of the Grose Valley. We start at the Asgard fire trail and branch off to Asgard head through a delightful ferny gully. We then proceed to Thor, Valhalla and Ikara heads, all showing different perspectives of this wonderful area.
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Fri - 28-Aug-2020
5 HX - Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Above Daves Pass
Leave one car at the old Newnes Hotel and drive to the locked gate at GR 418 261. Walk in Little Capertee Creek and then turn up a tributary creek at GR 407 260. Walk up it and explore the slots and pagodas to the east. Climb to the tops at around GR 404 243 and make a way north to about GR 412 256. Descend via Daves Pass. Mostly exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. About 10 km.
Map: Ben BullenAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Sat - 22-Aug-2020
3 MX - Day Walk
Keriwoga Ridge Faulconbridge
Interesting ridge off the Faulconbridge Point Fire Trail with good views. We will make it a loop walk going from near Faulconbridge Point. A bit of a slog along the fire trail but the views are worth it
Map: SpringwoodAdded: 29-Jun-2020

Sat - 22-Aug-2020
5 HX - Pack Walk
Wollemi National Park: Yodellers Adventure
Co-leader Kevin SongbergA 3-day pack walk. Details to be advised.Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Not SpecifiedAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Sun - 16-Aug-2020
3 M - Day Walk
Fortress ridge and Dark’s cave
The walk starts from Mt Hay road and continues along a ridge to Fortress head which gives us amazing views of the Grose Valley.We then retrace our steps and head along another ridge, before going down a steep slope which takes us to Dark’s cave, a beautiful overhang with a convenient waterfall..
Map: KatoombaAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Sat - 15-Aug-2020
4 MH - Day Walk
Newnes State Forest: Wild Gorge, Dome Cave and Cosmic Cave
Find out why this spectacular and threatened area must be protected for future generations.Park on a fire trail off Sunnyside Ridge Road and walk east to the head of a tributary of Wild Gorge. Descend it, visiting Dome Cave along the way, then explore both branches of the gorge, including Pinch Point Circle. Move south east and out towards Carne Creek, then climb out and visit Cosmic Cave. Exit via Split Rock Point and Pass. Re-connect with the cars. About 8k. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Cullen BullenAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Fri - 14-Aug-2020
4 MHX - Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Tootie Creek Tributaries
Park the car at GR 719 928 on Mountain Lagoon Road. Walk north west on a spur. Find a way down to Tootie Creek, then follow it downstream till GR 714 941. Find a way up to Easy Ridge and walk to the car. About 5 km. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Mountain LagoonAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Sat - 01-Aug-2020
3 M - Day Walk
Burra Korain ridge
An interesting walk along this ridge towards the Grose Valley.As we walk, we will see different perspectives of landmarks like hanging rock, finishing with a spectacular view of the valley.
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Fri - 31-Jul-2020
5 HX - Day Walk
Mugii Murum-ban: Airly Creek Cave
Park at Airly Gap and attempt to find a way up and explore the big triangular cave at about GR 234 331 seen when returning from Mount Airly South West pagodas walk. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. About 5 km.
Map: Glen AliceAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Fri - 24-Jul-2020
4 MH - Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Tootie Creek Loop
Start from Hanlons Road North and walk down the Back Creek, all the way to Tootie Creek at GR 708 928. There are caves and waterfalls to keep us occupied. Walk upstream along Tootie Creek till Front Creek at GR 698 927. Climb through a cliff line using a slot, then follow the creek back to Hanlons Road North. There are several points of interest along the way. A short day (about 4-5 hours). About 5 km. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Mountain LagoonAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Sat - 18-Jul-2020
4 MH - Day Walk
Mugii Murum-ban SCA: Valley of the Dinosaurs and Ultimate Slot
Find out for yourself why this unique area must be protected for future generations.Park on the road from Mount Airly to Genowlan Trig where there is suitable space. Walk up the road to the top of the plateau and then take the road to Genowlan Trig. Leave this road at about GR 253 320 and head east to the top, southern end of the Valley of the Dinosaurs. We will then proceed down the valley stopping to explore as many slots as possible on both sides. Next, visit the Ultimate Slot and then return to the road and to the vehicles. Scrambling and exposure. About 6km.
Map: Glen AliceAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Fri - 17-Jul-2020
3 M - Day Walk
Mugii Murum-ban: Historic Sites Along Tramway Trail and Haulway to the Ridge Above Torbane
Park cars at Airly Gap, follow Tramway Trail north and then west around the base of the Mount Airly cliffs, looking at historic sites along the way. At the junction with the old haulway, climb up to the cliff edge overlooking Torbane. Investigate the area for old infrastructure and possibly clamber down some of the descent into Torbane. Return via the track network on Mount Airly. About 12 km.
Map: Glen AliceAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Sun - 12-Jul-2020
2 EM - Day Walk
Lions Head
Easy walk along Kings Tableland with spectacular views over Jamison valley.Short day with lots of leisurely breaks.
Map: JamisonAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Thu - 09-Jul-2020
3 M - Day Walk
Evans Crown
Lots of boulders with a visit to the big nose, split rock and the balancing rock. No pub lunch this visit. An interesting place with lots of views. map Tarana.
Map: Not SpecifiedAdded: 22-Jun-2020

Mon - 06-Jul-2020
3 MX - Day Walk
Top of Rock Pile Pass, Narrow Neck, Katoomba
Walking along Glenraphael Drive, Narrow Neck for just over 1km and then on faint track to the top of Rock Pile Pass and checking the surrounding area. Note: BMNP has tracks of the main track closed, But permission has been granted by the NPWS Ranger at Blackheath for this walk.
Map: KatoombaAdded: 29-Jun-2020

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