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Sun - 26-May-2019
5 H - Day Walk
Ben Bullen State Forest Series – The Northern Valleys
Ben Bullen State Forest west of the Great Dividing Range encapsulates, in a relatively small area, everything that is exciting and interesting about bushwalking – incredible rock sculptures, tall pagodas, narrow slot canyons, magnificent caves, verdant forests and more. This unique area is currently under serious threat from mining. Find out why this area must be protected for future generations. About 8k. All off track, some rock scrambling and exposure.
Map: Cullen BullenAdded: 08-Feb-2019

Mon - 11-Mar-2019
4 MH - Canyon
Hole in The Wall Canyon
Hole in The Wall canyon is a spectacular wet canyon featuring an enclosed chamber lit up by glow worms. 3-5 abseils,longest 15m.
Map: Rock HillAdded: 08-Feb-2019

Sun - 10-Mar-2019
4 MHX - Day Walk
Tarpeian Rock
Tarpeian Rock is located on the boundary between the Gardens of Stone National Park and Ben Bullen State Forest, not far from Ben Bullen. It provides views over Rowan's Hole and the Capertee Valley. This walk will visit Tarpean Rock and the surrounding ridges. The route will depend on what vehicles are available as parts of the Moffit Fire Trail can only be negotiated with a proper 4WD. (So 4WD owners are especially welcome on this walk!). The walk is graded MHX as it will be mostly off track and, depending on which route we end up taking may be a bit exploratory, but it should be easy walking with not-very-big hills and very little scrub. Our last visit to this area was one of our all-time favourite walks.
Map: Ben BullenAdded: 17-Feb-2019

Thu - 07-Mar-2019
5 H - Abseiling
Devils Pinch Canyon
Devils Pinch Canyon is up at Newnes and has two sections to it. There are at least 2 abseils, the longest being 30 metres. The abseils have tricky starts. There is only a few short wades/swims so wet suits are optional. The trip is graded as difficult. It will be an early start as the trip can take a while to complete.
Map: Mt MorganAdded: 11-Feb-2019

Wed - 06-Mar-2019
3 M - Abseiling
Grand Canyon
Grand canyon is a beautiful canyon assessed via Evans Lookout, Blackheath. There is just one abseil from the Grand Canyon circuit. We will need wetsuits as there are plenty of wades and short swims. We will be starting at 3pm to accommodate those who work, including myself!!
Map: KatoombaAdded: 15-Feb-2019

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