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Sun - 29-Sep-2019
4 MHX - Day Walk
Exploring the heads of Mt Victoria
We walk to Ikara head from Victoria falls rd seeing a wonderful view of the upper Grose valley. Then we make our way past Girraween cave to Thor head with a possibility of examining an old mine and proceeding to Asgard head if time and energy allow.
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 16-Jun-2019

Sat - 28-Sep-2019
4 MH - Day Walk
Tootie Creek, Colo River
The walk starts at the car park at the beginning of the T3 track, approx. 5 km north of Mountain Lagoon (map attached). We follow a ridge W then NW for a couple of km, then another ridge NE down to Tootie Creek. This is off track but both ridges are reasonably open. There is a little scrambling down to the creek and a tape will be used if necessary. There is an excellent swimming pool where we join the creek. We then follow the creek down towards the Colo River. The first half is open with rock platforms but the vegetation gets thicker as we approach the Colo. We join the Colo at the bottom of the T3 track, and can cool off again in the river if the weather is hot. Then it is a straightforward walk up the T3 track back to the cars.The ridges and creek are excellent, and the going is not too hard. Nevertheless , estimated time is 9 hrs. I would grade this walk as the hard side of 4, but not enough to make grade 5.
Map: Mountain LagoonAdded: 04-Jun-2019

Sat - 21-Sep-2019
4 MHX - Day Walk
Nobles Canyon
Explore beyond Nobles Canyon. Interesting cliffline, pagodas and great views over Carne Creek
Map: Cullen BullenAdded: 11-Jun-2019

Sat - 14-Sep-2019
3 MX - Bike Ride
Bike trip on road exploring the country south of Walllerawang
Explore the country lanes south of Wallerawang by bike. Lovely undulating hills, quiet roads and we will try to get to the Wallerawang coffee shop for morning tea. Distance not extreme an enjoyable cycle
Map: PortlandAdded: 06-Jun-2019

Sun - 08-Sep-2019
3 MX - Day Walk
Lockleys Pylon, Du Faurs head and Yardleys cave
This is a classic walk coming off the Mt Hay Rd at Leura. We walk along a ridge to the pylon and then proceed along the cliff edge to Du Faurs head before heading back to to Yardleys cave. This is a large overhang with views of the Grose valley. Great sleeping cave!
Map: KatoombaAdded: 16-Jun-2019

Sat - 31-Aug-2019
4 MHX - Day Walk
Balcony Point Du Faurs Creek circle from Bells Line of Road
Part exploratory along the pagoda ridges to Balcony Point overlooking Clatterteeth Canyon and then back via a different route. Marvallous views good going
Map: WollangambeAdded: 06-Jun-2019

Sun - 11-Aug-2019
3 M - Day Walk
Mystery walk Blackheath
This walk has beautiful views of the Grose valley and lush sections of rainforest. Mostly on track but some muddy areas. Short day.
Map: KatoombaAdded: 16-Jun-2019

Sat - 10-Aug-2019
3 M - Day Walk
Mount York
A 10km Circuit walk starting at beautiful Barden Lookout, Mt York. We will follow Coxs Descent (approx 260m) and admire the historical markings and signs of the first road over the mountains, built in 1815. Then return up the pretty Lockyer's Pass ( 260 m ascent), started in 1835 but never completed.
Map: HartleyAdded: 15-Jun-2019

Sat - 10-Aug-2019
4 MH - Day Walk
Traverse of the Ridges of Dunn
The Ridges of Dunn are a series of parallel rocky ridges to the SW (approx. 2 km) of Wollangambe Crater. They show up particularly well in the Google Earth view (attached file).We start along the track to Wollangambe Crater and cut east at the first creek and then slightly south down to another creek which feeds into Wollangambe Creek. We cross this creek and head up the central ridge of Dunn, which is a playground of pagodas, and have a look at the parallel ridges to the E and W. Then we head back along a ridge to the W then S which leads to the heavy vehicle Inspection station at Bell. This is reasonably open and the last half is lightly tracked.The central part of the walk is off track but open. The pagoda ridges offer scrambling, or detours around the scrambling, depending on how you feel. The open nature of the ridges makes for excellent views. The walk will last approx. 6 hrs and I am grading it as 4 but it is on the easy side of that.
Map: WollangambeAdded: 04-Jun-2019

Sun - 04-Aug-2019
1 E - Meeting
AGM 2019
The clubs AGM will be held at Don and Karin's in Evans Lookout Road, Blackheath. Walks will be held after the meeting.Please do not post other walks on that day. More information will be circulated via the googlegroup.
Map: KatoombaAdded: 13-Jun-2019

Sat - 03-Aug-2019
5 H - Day Walk
Wild Dogs Circuit
Green Gully - Ironmonger - Cox's River - Blue Dog Spur - Knights Deck - Cattle Dog Ridge - Hobbles Spur The classic tour of the Wild Dogs
Map: JenolanAdded: 06-Jun-2019

Sat - 20-Jul-2019
4 MHX - Day Walk
Girdwood Ridge - Holts Heaven
Clarence Fire Trail - Girdwood Ridge Holts Heaven. Time to explore this magnificent pagoda area again.
Map: WollangambeAdded: 06-Jun-2019

Sun - 07-Jul-2019
3 M - Abseiling
David Crevasse - Mt Banks
An abseil trip through a dry gully. A 90 minute walk along fire trail to the start of the canyon. About 5 abseils, up to 25 metres. Exit is via another gully. This exit involves an 8 metre prussick up a rock wall. You must be able to prussick this distance to do this trip. Once up the rock face it is a 30 minute walk to the top, where we walk along fire trail back to cars.
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 14-Jun-2019

Sat - 06-Jul-2019
4 MHX - Day Walk
Mount Townsend
This walk explores a small section of the Southern end of the Colo Wilderness. It starts near Upper Colo, about 40 minutes drive from Richmond and 90 minutes drive from Blackheath. Lisa and I can provide transport from Richmond railway station. Car sharing from the upper blue mountains may be possible. From the start of Bob Turner's track we will head South and then West to Mount Townsend. The aim is to find a way down one of the ridges to the North of Mount Townsend and meet up with Bob Turner's track. If there's time we could head down to the Colo River before returning along Bob Turner's track to the cars. Mostly off-track walking, possibly with some scrambling but nothing exposed or scary. The middle section (North from Mount Townsend to Bob Turner's track) will be exploratory.
Map: Mountain LagoonAdded: 16-Jun-2019

Sun - 30-Jun-2019
5 H - Day Walk
Wild Gorge, Split Rock and the Cosmic Cave
A spectacular walk in a tributary of Carne Creek on the Newnes Plateau.A descent of a ridge brings us to Wild Gorge and the Dome Cave. We follow the creek through thick bush to Split Rock and climb one of the rocks. After finding a creek crossing we climb under the cliffs to Cosmic Cave, one of the largest caves on the Newnes Plateau. A climb through the cliffs takes us back to the vehicles. Wonderful ,wild scenery the whole way. This walk was discovered by Michael Keats, Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox in 2015. Bookings open on 24 June.
Map: Cullen BullenAdded: 14-Jun-2019

Fri - 21-Jun-2019
3 M - Abseiling
Zorro and Pleasant View Canyons
Situated on the Newnes Plateau off Sunnyside Ridge, Zorro is a short Canyon with three abseils. It is dry except for one thigh deep pool. You can change clothes immediately after the pool. Pleasant View has no abseils and is close to Zorro.. Both these canyons are suitable for beginners.
Map: Cullen BullenAdded: 14-Jun-2019

Wed - 19-Jun-2019
4 MH - Day Walk
Birrabang Ridge, Yileen Spur and Liversidge Hill
Walk down Yileen Spur, cross Yileen Gully onto Birrabang Ridge and continue on to Liversidge Hill. Traverse NW & pick up Birrabang Ridge to walk out. 10km +/-400m.
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 17-Jun-2019

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