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Sun - 31-Mar-2019
3 M - Day Walk
Fortress ridge and Darks cave
We will drive along the Mt Hay Rd and then start the walk on a fire trail before reaching the track. This takes us along Fortress ridge to the cliffs overlooking the Grose valley. We will then retrace our steps to the track taking us to Darks cave. Lots of views, historical interest and not too much ascent/descent.
Map: KatoombaAdded: 16-Dec-2018

Sat - 30-Mar-2019
5 H - Day Walk
North of Wollangambie River/ Crater
This walk is to the region north of Wollangambie River, and to the north west of Wollangambie Crater (WC). The track starts as if heading to WC then heads north across the river. For a short distance we join a fire trail and head south down a ridge towards WC, find a way through the cliffs and cut across the river and head back up to the return trail from WC. A small amount of scrambling is required. This is a big walk and Joe Dunn reckons it as one of the better ones we have done. Fitness is required as it is a 22 km walk with 1000 m ascent. Last time it took us 9 hrs.
Map: WollangambeAdded: 04-Dec-2018

Sat - 02-Mar-2019
3 M - Day Walk
Victoria Falls to Pierce's Pass (Hungerford Track)
From Victoria Falls road to the base of the falls, then to Burra Korain and exit via Pierce's Pass. Opportunity for a swim in the Grose River. Steep ascent and descent.
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 09-Dec-2018

Sat - 23-Feb-2019
4 MHX - Day Walk
Dharug National Park Mill Creek
The meeting place is 5 km south of Wisemans Ferry down Wisemans Ferry Road at the junction with Mill Creek Road. The walk is 7 to 8 hrs in length, so we will meet at 9:00 am.The route is shown in the attached map. We will head south along a ridge parallel to the Hawkesbury to (Mount) Starkey then follow ridges east/ north-east. On reaching WP1 on the attached map we will either head for the Aboriginal Carvings via WP2 and then back via WPs 4 to 8 or head directly from WP1 to WP 8 depending on time/ fitness.There is some negotiating of cliff lines, so a tape will be taken. Depending on the route 50 to 100% is off track. However the ridges are reasonably open and there are great views of the Hawkesbury
Map: GundermanAdded: 04-Dec-2018

Sat - 09-Feb-2019
4 MH - Day Walk
Pierces Pass to Blue Gum
A walk through beautiful rainforest down to the Grose river with great views along the way. Then along the river with opportunities for swimming to the majestic Blue Gum forest. Steep descent and ascent but climbing mostly in shade. A classic walk.
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 16-Dec-2018

Sat - 02-Feb-2019
3 M - Day Walk
Edenderry Falls
Leaving from Evans Lookout, Descend via Horse Track, turnoff towards Govetts Creek and enjoy a swim at one of the best swimming holes in the mountains. Return via Rodriguez Pass with opportunities for additional swim. Approx 600 m ascent /Descent 15km distance
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 09-Dec-2018

Sun - 13-Jan-2019
5 H - Canyon
Lower Bell Creek
A magnificent canyon at Mt Wilson, rated 10/10 by Tom Brennan. It's a long day, starting at Watertrough Hill and finishing at the Mt Wilson Fire Station. There are no abseils. The canyon involves some rope assisted descents. There are long swims in dark tunnels. The constricted canyon sections are outstanding. This canyon is suitable for experienced canyoners and bushwalkers.
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 08-Dec-2018

Sun - 23-Dec-2018
5 H - Creek
Henson Glen (North Katoomba/ Leura)
A little known and varied walk starting from the fire trails out the back of North Katoomba. The walk descends to Govett's creek via a short section of Bruces Walk then follows the creek through Henson glen as it becomes a canyon. We will wade through the creek as there is no track beside the creek- the creek is fairly shallow for the most part but can be waist deep in parts and involves scrambling over rocks and sections of dammed up trees (like a canyon). Then at the junction of Govett's Creek and Katoomba Creek we can swim in the pool if its a hot day. The we ascend back up to the ridge via a rock scramble that gives us access to the spur (tape can be provided to assist with the tricky section) that eventually takes us to the Minni Ha Ha fire trail. From here we can either return directly to the cars or do a quick visit to the Minni Ha Ha waterfall (time and energy permitting). Not appropriate for beginners and canyoning experience would be very helpful. Need to bring shoes with good grip (like dunlop volleys or canyon shoes), a dry bag, clothing and a bag that can get wet in the creek.Maximum group will be 6 people.
Map: KatoombaAdded: 12-Dec-2018

Sat - 22-Dec-2018
4 MH - Abseiling
Waterdragon Canyon
We walk down the Wollangambe 1 exit and cross the Wollangambe. We climb the ridge to the north of the river and cut left into the creek. Before entering the Wollangambe we pass through the dark section that gives the canyon its alternative name of Kelvinator. If you have ever entered from the Wollangambe you will noted how chilly this section is compared to the main river. On reaching the Wollangambe, we go downstream to the morning's crossing point and exit up the track we had earlier descended. Flotation is needed for the Wollangambe. Helmets and abseiling gear needed. It has already been suggested that some participants may wish to adorn their helmets with reindeer horns or other festive paraphernalia. While these sentiments are noted, the rest of the party may not appreciate constantly disentangling those so inclined.
Map: Mt WilsonAdded: 16-Dec-2018

Thu - 20-Dec-2018
3 M - Abseiling
Abseil Training for Beginners and Juggler Canyon
This course is an introduction to abseiling for members who have not abseiled previously. It covers basic abseiling techniques, equipment and safety. The training will be held at Mt York followed by six abseils of varying difficulty in nearby Juggler Canyon. Participants must have the skills agility and fitness for canyoning.
Map: KatoombaAdded: 14-Dec-2018

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