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Fri - 22-Nov-2019
5 H - Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Green Gully Cliff Walk
From Newnes follow the Pipeline Track to the saddle at approximately GR 447 274. Leave the track and head north along the cliff edge for about 2.5 km to GR 437 295 and then attempt to walk out to the end of the spur at GR 435 300. Possible return via Petries Gully. Exploratory sections. Scrambling and exposure. About 15 km.
Map: Ben Bullen

Sat - 16-Nov-2019
5 H - Day Walk
Newnes State Forest: Point Green and Wolgan Falls
This is a walk in another spectacular, unprotected part of the Gardens of Stone region, currently under threat. We will visit Point Green and the Wolgan Falls, starting and finishing on Sunnyside Ridge Road. Find out why this area must be protected for future generations. About 9km. Scrambling and exposure. About 9km.
Map: Cullen Bullen

Fri - 15-Nov-2019
5 HX - Day Walk
Blue Mountains National Park: Point Repulse
A very big day with serious exposure and nasty scrub plus two 750 m climbs. Descending into Kedumba Valley from the locked gate we will stride out on the Cedarland Fire Trail close to the forbidden zone. We then scramble up onto the Korrowall Ridge and along the 4 km dangerously exposed ridge onto Mt Solitary. The route back may be via the East Col track or by Miners Pass if time and stamina allow. Scrambling and exposure. About 24 km.
Map: Jamison

Fri - 08-Nov-2019
5 H - Day Walk
Gardens of Stone National Park: From Flying Carpet to Michelangelo Cave via Koan Pass
Park one car at GR 423 131 off Glowworm Tunnel Road and another car at GR 415 150. From the second car, descend The Gurgler and visit the Flying Carpet. Walk back underneath the cliff line to Koan Cave, then continue south via Koan Pass and above the cliff line, all the way to Michelangelo Cave. Visit Michaels Chair and re-connect with the first car. Partly exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. About 8 km.
Map: Cullen Bullen

Sat - 02-Nov-2019
5 HX - Pack Walk
Wollemi National Park: Mt Canobla and Mt Gundangaroo Traverse to St Johns Point
A 2-day pack walk. Numbers are strictly limited. Private property access is required. Day 1 - Park near Canobla Gap and ascend Mount Canobla on a razor blade spur. Continue to Mt Gundangaroo and camp near the trig. Water was found in a nearby gully. Day 2 – Walk to St Johns Point, then descend to Canobla Gap Trail and walk back to the cars. Partly exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. About 10 km.
Map: Glen Alice

Sat - 26-Oct-2019
4 MH - Day Walk
Ben Bullen State Forest: From Heaven To Hell And Back
Ben Bullen State Forest, part of the Gardens of Stone region, encapsulates, in a relatively small area, everything that is exciting and interesting about bushwalking – incredible rock sculptures, tall pagodas, narrow slot canyons, magnificent caves, verdant forests and more. Find out why this area must be protected for future generations. This walk includes a visit to the stunning Hall of Elrond. All off track, scrambling and exposure. About 8k.
Map: Cullen Bullen

Fri - 25-Oct-2019
5 H - Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Newnes Balcony and Daves Pass
Walk in Capertee Gorge, then climb out to the north at about GR 397 243, then explore the amazing Newnes Balcony between two cliff lines, starting at GR 400 240 and going east. Retrace our steps to a pass to the tops, traverse north east and use Daves Pass to come down at the Newnes Hotel. Scrambling and exposure. About 13 km.
Map: Ben Bullen

Fri - 11-Oct-2019
5 HX - Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Glen Trig
Early start. From the Glen Davis Camping Ground, climb to the top of Glen Trig via the canyon route. Return the same way. Stunning views of the Wolgan and Capertee Valleys. Scrambling and exposure. Partly exploratory for the leader. About 6km.
Map: Gospers Mountain

Sat - 05-Oct-2019
5 H - Pack Walk
Wollemi National Park: A 3-day pack walk
Route to be advised later on, based on water availability and other factors. Watch short notice announcements.
Map: Not Specified

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