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Penrose and Alcatraz canyons



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On Tuesday 16 Oct Nicole and are leading Penrose and Alcatraz Canyons. Penrose is a dry canyon, on the opposite side of the ridge to Tiger Snake canyon. It has three short abseils. The second abseil is down a very narrow crack and the canyon has some really tight sections to squeeze through. Large people would find it very difficult. After Penrose we return to the Tiger Snake car park then drive to Alcatraz Canyon. Alcatraz has only one abseil but it is really spectacular. The anchor is above a narrow curving chute, which usually has with knee deep water flowing. The chute curves through the rock wall and drops in a 6m waterfall to a waist deep pool. (see the photos) The base of the waterfall is an enclosed bowl formed in the rocks. The only way out is through a “letter box slit’” in the base of the bowl. It’s a really exciting abseil. You will get soaked but can change soon afterwards, so wet suits aren’t needed. There is a short walk and climb back to the vehicles through magnificent pagoda country.

Geoff Fox email preferred foxes9@westnet.com.au or phone 0400 628063

Penrose : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6irmibo0u1aechp/AADxvtL6H7jzNbusxD3gWxUDa?dl=0

Alcatraz : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ng73071fkn8bgnn/AAAgHN_ie65a7lx4Vn-3FMOda?dl=0

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