false 79818875 - Return to Kamarah Ridge, Jungaburra Ledges, Wilkinson Hill
Return to Kamarah Ridge, Jungaburra Ledges, Wilkinson Hill

Day Walk


4 MH

This walk heads starts on the Bells Line of Road about 1.5 km east of Bell. We head down Kamarah Ridge and cut south towards Jungaburra Brook to the east of Kamarah Bluffs (see attached GPS trace). We drop down by a brook and join a climbers’ edge half way down the cliff line. We follow that ledge east along the northern side of Jungaburra Brook then cut across to another climbers’ ledge on the southern side of Jungaburra Brook/ the northern side of Wilkinson Hill and follow that west. We climb up onto the western end of Wilkinson Hill (deviating from the GPS trace) and then along the southern edge of Wilkinson Hill for some great views of the Grose Valley. Finally, we head north and follow the ridge first north then east to the Bells Line of Road. Total time approx. 6hrs. Walk half off track through open bush. V. limited exposure.

Mt Wilson

Short Notice