Morton NP Pack Walk

Pack Walk


4 MH

One of two walks depending on how hot the weather will be (historically weather in December is unpredictable!). Option 1: if it's not going to be a scorcher, we will start this three day walk on Friday - walking for about 13k on an old dis-used fire trail (approx 5 hours with lots of stops, mostly flat terrain), setting up a base camp at the Lost Pools which ends in a mini canyon. On Saturday, with a daypack, we'll make our way to Lyrebird Leap, overlooking Cinch Creek and New Moon Creek (a mini canyon). Plenty of opportunities to cool off in the many pools in both these creeks. Sunday we will walk out retracing our steps on 13k of fire trail. Option 2: If the weather's going to be hot, this is a much shorter walk and we will start the walk on Saturday morning, walking in to Corang Cascades - where we will relax and swim all day (take along a pool ring!), plenty of opportunity to explore up the cascades or just chill out, floating around in your pool ring (and maybe drinking margaritas!). Both will be joint trips with members of other clubs (BWOC, MSS and CMW). We will be driving down on Thursday night (for 3 day trip) or Friday night (for 2 day trip). Car pooling can be organised.

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