Traverse of the Ridges of Dunn

Day Walk


4 MH

This walk was cancelled on 10th Aug owing to snow.
The Ridges of Dunn are a series of parallel rocky ridges to the SW (approx. 2 km) of Wollangambe Crater. They show up particularly well in the Google Earth view (attached file).
We start along the track to Wollangambe Crater and cut east at the first creek and then slightly south down to another creek which feeds into Wollangambe Creek. We cross this creek and head up the central ridge of Dunn, which is a playground of pagodas, and have a look at the parallel ridges to the E and W. Then we head back along a ridge to the W then S which leads to the heavy vehicle Inspection station at Bell. This is reasonably open and the last half is lightly tracked.
The central part of the walk is off track but open. The pagoda ridges offer scrambling, or detours around the scrambling, depending on how you feel. The open nature of the ridges makes for excellent views. The walk will last approx. 6 hrs and I am grading it as 4 but it is on the easy side of that.


Short Notice