Winter Activities Program 01-Jul-2017 to 30-Sep-2017

30-Sep-2017 - 3 MX
Day Walk
Dicksonia Ravine part 2. Day Walk - Continuing exploring Dicksonia Ravine with an exit up Baroque Spur. Beautiful tree fern valley , interesting pagodas along spur. Maybe a bit of a scramble up the spur

30-Sep-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: North of Penrose Gully. Day Walk - Park on Wolgan Road at GR 429 220, cross Wolgan River, use Glowworm Tunnel track for a while, then climb to the top cliff line and traverse it, looking at slots. Climb up to the plateau at GR 432 206, using one of the two known passes, then walk to the top of the ridge and north to about GR 438 215 – the start of Rock-in-the-Wall gully. Descend the gully and attempt to find a way around the first abseil. Depending on what we find, we will return the same way or down at about GR 439 220. About 8km. Exploratory. Includes possibly impossible sections. Scrambling and exposure. 6M, S333E.

29-Sep-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: The Ledge between Koopartoo Ravine and Koopartoo Gully. Day Walk - Park at GR 412 209 on Wolgan Rd and climb NW into Koopartoo Ravine. Walk up the ravine, then climb E to the base of the cliffs at about GR 405 217. Follow the ledge SE and then around to the extent possible, ideally all the way to Koopartoo Gully at about GR 415 221 or even beyond to GR 420 221. Descend to the Wolgan Rd. Includes possibly impossible sections. About 6k. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.

25-Sep-2017 - 5 H
Pack Walk
Bibbulmun Track - Kalamunda to Albany (WA). Pack Walk - The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world's great long distance walk trails, stretching 1000km from Kalamunda, a suburb in the hills on the outskirts of Perth, to the historic town of Albany on the south coast. It passes through the heart of the scenic south west of Western Australia.
The Track takes walkers through towering karri and tingle forests, down mist-shrouded valleys, over giant granite boulders and along breathtaking coastal heathlands. It passes through many of the most beautiful national parks of the south west forests and coastline.
Grade: 4/5; max 8 walkers; food 'drop' options.

24-Sep-2017 - 2 EM
Day Walk
Abercronbie Caves overnight car basecamp trip with day trip walk. Day Walk - I am leading an easy medium overnight car base camping trip to Abercrombie caves one hour south of Bathurst or approximately 200kms west of Sydney. Visiting caves and including a past gold panning ruins site on a circuit track walk within the reserve. Max. 8 (min. 3 to start). The camping site has not been visited by our club lately and is a worthwhile stay for early spring visitors.

23-Sep-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Carlons Farm - Mount Moin. Day Walk - Starting at Carlons Farm walk to Green Gully, Carlons Creek to Mt Moin and return. The hard climbs are worth the view from Mt Moin. Mostly on track

23-Sep-2017 - 3 M
Day Walk
Mill Creek - Car camp & walks. Day Walk - Saturday will be the 11 Km Mill Creek loop approx 5 hours walk starting mid morning - some steep sections and scrambling - aboriginal rockart and beautiful gullies. Sunday will be the 9 km Old great northern road loop featuring many historical convict features and a picturesque return along the Hawkesbury river. Some steep sections approx 3 hours. Camping Saturday night at Mill Creek campground - campfires permitted and I'll be bringing wood! Also a short scenic drive and drink at historic St Alban's pub late late Saturday afternoon for those interested. Camp fees apply and must be booked 24 hours ahead. Not usually crowded so you can wait till see how the weather turns out before booking. The walk will be cancelled in the event of wet weather. Details of walks and campground at Note: NPWS grade these walks as Grade 4 and 5 respectively, but I would class them as Grade 3 only. Steep sections all on track and some scrambling. You are welcome to join just for either walk if you wish.

23-Sep-2017 - 5 H
Day Walk
Newnes State Forest: Waratahs and Pagodas in Holts Heaven. Day Walk - Find out why this unique part of the Gardens of Stone region must be protected, now.
This walk is a ramble and scramble through the amazing pagoda terrain of Holts Heaven, with a camera in hand and an eye on the Waratahs, which should be out by then. We will access the area through a fire trail at GR 463 965. About 7km. Scrambling and exposure. 5M, S223E.

17-Sep-2017 - 3 M
Day Walk
Coxs River - Aboriginal and settler history. Day Walk - From the junction with the 6 Foot Track ( a traditional Gundungurra campground) we'll walk upriver to Bowtels Bridge. We'll continue upriver off-track, then return the same way. A fair drive from Mt. Vic, 4WD's needed. Maps: Hampton & Jenolan 8 kms.

17-Sep-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Passes of Narrow Neck - Harmil Ledge, Glenraphael Head and Dunphys Pass. Day Walk - Starting at the locked gate on Narrow Neck, Katoomba we walk to the fire tower then descend to Harmil Ledge which we follow to Glenraphael Head. There is a short, rope assisted descent with plenty of hand and foot holds. Another lovely ledge takes us to Dunphys Pass. Here we climb back to the Narrow Neck Road and return to the car park.

16-Sep-2017 - 5 H
Day Walk
Adrenilin Ledges. Day Walk - Two walks taking in some spectacular scenery. Mainly off-track Slots, Pagodas and ledges. An area we haven't walked in for a few years. 4WDs needed for access.

15-Sep-2017 - 5 HX
Pack Walk
Wollemi National Park. Pack Walk - There will be a 3-day pack walk in the Wollemi Wilderness that weekend. I am currently working out the details, which will be advised. Numbers are strictly limited.
Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. 6M, M333E.

10-Sep-2017 - 5 H
Day Walk
Miracle Slot, Pyramid Rock, the Rain Cave and other Caves. Day Walk - Pyramid Rock is in the middle of Carne Creek just waiting to be climbed. After driving along the Glowworm Tunnel road we visit the Double Arch cave then descend into Carne Creek to Pyramid Rock. (climb optional). The climb back to the cliffs takes along some lovely ledges to the Gemini Cave, Rain Cave, Michael's Chair, and the Shovel Cave.

09-Sep-2017 - 3 M
Day Walk
Mount Hay to Boorong Crags. Day Walk - We drive to the Mt Hay car park and walk to the top of Mt Hay and then down the other side, then along a ridge with wonderful views of the Grose valley to Boorong crags for a great lunch spot. A short day all on track.

08-Sep-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Firefly Point via Galaxies Gully East. Day Walk - Park at the locked gate GR 434 258 and walk on Wolgan River Trail, then use Galaxies Gully East to climb up to the tops at GR 450 250. Next, walk to Firefly Point at GR 461 258. From here, find a way underneath the cliffs, starting from the southern side, then traverse underneath the cliffs until Galaxies Gully East. Walk down to the Wolgan River Trail and to the cars. About 10k. Partly exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. 6M. M333E.

03-Sep-2017 - 3 M
Abseil Training for Beginners. Abseiling - An introduction to abseiling will cover equipment, safety and abseiling technique. Participants will develop skills on graded rock faces at Mt York (near Mt Victoria) then abseil Juggler Canyon at Blackheath. Members must have fitness and agility suited to canyoning.

03-Sep-2017 - 2 EM
Day Walk
Mt Hay walks. Day Walk - Half day walk in the Mt Hay area. We'll go to the summit of Flat Top for the views. Also walk to Mt Hay via Butterbox Box.

02-Sep-2017 - 4 MHX
Day Walk
Mount Cameron to Yah Hut. Day Walk - Yah Hut was built by the Catholic Bushwalkers for relaxation but unfortunately was destroyed by bushfires. We intend to find the remains of the Hut and also to explore the little visited area near Mount Cameron.

31-Aug-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Gardens of Stone National Park: South Eastern Cliff Line of Donkey Mountain. Day Walk - Park on Wolgan Road at GR 370 191 (The Style). Walk up south east to the saddle on top of Donkey Mountain at GR 376 183. Descend to the first ledge on the southern side and explore it to its full extent. Return to the saddle and come down to the second ledge. Visit Masterpiece Wall and the cave before it. Retrace to about GR 373 181, climb back on top from there, then descend to the cars. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. About 6km.

30-Aug-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Lapstone To Glenbrook - Rock-HoppingThrough The Gorge. Day Walk - Challenging walk through a beautiful gorge with scrambly steep side trips to scenic Portal and Tunnel View Lookouts then some easy off-track to Jellybean pool..
Continue to Blue Pool- along Glenbrook Creek for a neat little ascent to finish at Glenbrook.
The distance may seem short but there is a lot of interesting features packed into the walk and it will require reasonable fitness.
Distance 12 km Ascents 400 metres

28-Aug-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Cliffs above Newnes Campground. Day Walk - Park the vehicles at the Newnes Campground. Ascend Cathedral Canyon till about GR 421 273. From here, explore three consecutive spurs running south east. Exit via Mount Tricky and Cathedral Canyon. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.
About 6km.

27-Aug-2017 - 2 EM
Day Walk
Darwins walk to National Pass to Nature track to Leura Fairmont Resort. Day Walk - I am leading an easy medium track walk leaving from Darwin’s walk (Wentworth Falls) thru along an escarpment on the national pass arriving at the conservation hut for morning tea or lunch, time permitting. Then continuing from here to back the nature track circuit to Edinburgh Castle Rock for afternoon tea. To crossing the Lilians bridge over to our final destination at Fairmont Resort (Leura) or Leura Golf club for late drinks before return back to Wentworth Falls Railway station. Car shuffle required to complete start and finish rendezvous’s. Please respond by email preferred or text message mobile. Max. 8 (min. 5 to start) persons including myself go get in early to avoid disappointment!!!

27-Aug-2017 - 3 M
Zorro and Pleasant View Canyons. Abseiling - Zorro is a short, easy canyon on the Newnes plateau. The exit slot is spectacular. Pleasant View is a non abseil canyon on the opposite side of the ridge to Zorro. The upper section is really nice.

26-Aug-2017 - 3 M
Day Walk
Federal Pass & Dardanelles Pass South Leura. Day Walk - Walk down Leura Falls & visit the rainforest in the Jamison Valley via The Federal Pass & return via Dardanelles Pass.

26-Aug-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Fire trail No 6 off Sunnyside Ridge Road. Day Walk - Follow firetrail and then walk around under cliffs. Explore pagodas, caves and slot

23-Aug-2017 - 3 M
Galong Creek. Creek - I am leading this walk with Ruth East. Galong Creek is in the Megalong Valley near Carlons Farm. We follow the fire trail past Ironpot Mt, over Tinpot Hill almost to the Coxs River. From here we follow the creek upstream, round waterfalls, deep pools and huge boulders. It's about 4 km through spectacular granite rock country. Wet feet are highly likely. before we return to Carlons Farm. This walk is suitable for fit walkers who enjoy rock scrambling. We should have an early finish.

22-Aug-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: The Slots and Pagodas of The Labyrinth. Day Walk - Park at GR 430 228 on Wolgan Road and make our way up Minotaur Lair Gully; pass through Minotaur Lair, then turn north and climb up the tributary creek to about GR 421 234. Explore the many slots of The Labyrinth, moving westwards, until about GR 415 233. Exit via Minotaur Lair Gully; the exact route will depend on what we will find and may include Ariadne Thread. About 9km. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.

20-Aug-2017 - 3 M
Day Walk
Rienits Mine Victoria Creek. Day Walk - Visit the Mine and explore the area. Walking through mainly open bush. A good "first off-track" walk with an early finish around 3.00pm. We walk in via Ridgewell Road Blackheath. No creek walking involved.

19-Aug-2017 - 3 M
Day Walk
Explorers Tree - Megalong Valley - Winery. Day Walk - 6 Foot Track section from Katoomba to Megalong Valley then on to Mehalong Creek Estate winery open day. Walk is around 10 km's, some ascent & steep descent. Limit of 7 walkers, led by Tracie & Ross

19-Aug-2017 - 5 HX
Pack Walk
From Goat Mountain to Oz Mountain via Bylong Labyrinth. Pack Walk - Maps: Growee, Talooby
Co-leader - Ian Thorpe.
Drive in on Friday for an early start on Saturday.
Day 1-Saturday 19 August. Leave some cars at Growee Gulf near Bylong Valley Way and drive other cars to Growee. Walk up Growee River and then climb Goat Mountain from around GR 334 828. Walk in a northerly, then northwesterly direction via a series of narrow ridges towards Key Saddle, then descend to Clef Crater for the overnight camp. Distance 12km. Day 2-Sunday 20 August. Ascend back to Key Saddle and continue west to Oz Mountain. Descend to the cars, then drive to Growee to pick up the other cars. Distance 8km. Private properties access is being arranged. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.

19-Aug-2017 - 4 MHX
Day Walk
Gardens of Stone National Park: Donkey Mountain . Day Walk - I will be doing a day trip up Donkey Mountain this Saturday 19th of August mainly focusing on the North East section. The walk has steep ascents and descents and may include some scrambling. If anyone is interested in coming let me know thanks.

19-Aug-2017 - 5 H
Day Walk
Wild Dogs Scenic Tour Cattledog Ridge - Knights Deck - Ironmonger Spur . Day Walk - A challenging walk 2 steep descents and 2 steep ascents but a glorious scenic tour of the Wild Dogs. Down to Cattledog and then up the spur -along to Knights Deck with superb views and then down to the Cox's River. Up Ironmonger Spur to Ironpot Mountain

18-Aug-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Ravines and Slots of Koopartoo Mesa South. Day Walk - Park at the Wolgan Road, GR 420 216. Make our way up Koopartoo Gully to a known (but tricky) pass at GR 414 222. Once above, head east to about GR 416 222 and, starting from here, explore this extremely dissected terrain. Return the same way. About 6km. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.

13-Aug-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Liversidge Hill and Birrabang Walls. Day Walk - Birrabang Ridge is to the west of the Bells Line of Road just next to the turn-off to Mount Wilson. The walk is relatively straightforward, half on track, half off track, but along open ridges. The view from Birrabang Walls in particular is excellent. This has not been walked for a few years by the UBMBC. Distance is approx 9 km, only a few hundred metres climbing. Estimated duration around 5 hrs.

13-Aug-2017 - 4 MH
Minotaur's Lair Abseil Canyon. Abseiling - A dry canyon with 1 short (15m) abseil. Great views, some scrub bashing to get to the abseil. Helmet & abseil gear required.

13-Aug-2017 - 4 MHX
Day Walk
Pagodas to South and North of Tiger Snake Canyon. Day Walk - This walk will explore the pagodas to the South and North of Tiger Snake Canyon, a particularly scenic part of the Newnes Plateau. We will follow the Tiger Snake Canyon Track to about 445208 then look for a way up on to the pagodas to the SW. Return to the Tiger Snake Canyon Track and cross Tiger Snake Creek between the upper and lower sections of the canyon. Ascend the pagodas at 448211. Then head W up a lovely gully and easy pass to join the ridge at 437210 and return along the Tiger Creek Canyon Track.

12-Aug-2017 - 5 H
Day Walk
Newnes State Forest: Howling Arch, the Pool of Diana and the Pool of Aphrodite. Day Walk - Find out for yourself why this unique area, currently under threat, must be protected, now.
Drive to approximately GR 468 058 on the Deep Pass Trail. Head down a spur trending slightly west of south and then south as it nears Dingo Creek. Visit Howling Arch, an amazing natural feature. Enter Dingo Creek and progress downstream for about 1.3km, visiting the scenic Pool of Diana on the way, continue underneath high cliffs to GR 476 048, the start of a north north west trending ravine. Follow the ravine up, visiting the spectacular Pool of Aphrodite along the way, to eventually reconnect with the trail and the vehicles. About 6km. All off track, some rock scrambling and exposure.

12-Aug-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Terrace Falls Hazelbrook & Leslie Falls via Lawson Creek. Day Walk - Explore the old Western Track at Terrace Falls, South Hazelbrook. Then up via the beautiful Gorge of Lawson Ck to visit rarely seen Leslie Falls & onto Federal, Junction & Adelina Falls South Lawson. The first part is on track & up Lawson Ck is off track.

11-Aug-2017 - 5 H
Pack Walk
K2K. Pack Walk - Harold and myself are leading this classic walk from the two opposite ends as a three or four day walk. Thus no car shuffle will be required. Ascents and descends are steep. A good level of fitness is required. The tempo will be moderate and steady.

11-Aug-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Firefly Point to Galaxies Gully East. Day Walk - Park at the locked gate GR 434 258 and walk on Wolgan River Trail to about GR 461 262, visiting a cave house ruin on the way. Next, attempt to ascend along the ridge all the way up to Firefly Point at GR 461 258. From here, climb to spot height 858 and continue along the ridge. If time permits, descend into Firefly Creek around GR 455 252, then climb back out on the ridge. Finally, descend into Galaxies Gully East, and then all the way back to the Wolgan River Trail and to the cars. About 10k. Partly exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.

06-Aug-2017 - 2 EM
Day Walk
Asgard Head and Thor Head. Day Walk - The walk visits Thor Head and Asgard Head with fantastic views from the heads.

06-Aug-2017 - 4 MH
Hole-in-the-Rock Abseil Canyon. Abseiling - A dry'ish canyon (unless you fall in the pool at the 3rd abseil) - waist deep in 1 short pool in July 2016. 5 abseils up to 30m. Helmet & abseil gear required.

05-Aug-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Traverse of the Jamison Valley. Day Walk - The classic walk Kings Tableland - Solitary - Golden Stairs traversing the Jamison Valley. All on track but some very steep sections about 20 kms.

04-Aug-2017 - 2 EM
Navigation Practice. Rogaine - Following the successful navigation course conducted by Nicole and Bernard we will revisit the area. The 20 check points are still in place. We will redo the practical navigation component around Queen Victoria Hospital, Wentworth Falls. A basic understanding of .navigating with a map and compass is required. Map and worksheets will be provided. You will need your own compass.

03-Aug-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Mugii Murum-ban SCA: Treasure Chest Spur and City in the Sky. Day Walk - Park up on the plateau at GR 245 316. Walk on the fire trail to GR 253 319, then head NNE and locate Treasure Chest Spur. Advance to a spectacular area of many pagodas, City in the Sky, at around GR 257 325. Explore on both sides of the spur, moving NNE all the time. Visit two high points at the end of the spur, then find a way down to the fire trail at around GR 259 329. Follow it back to the vehicles. About 6km. Partly exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.

30-Jul-2017 - 1 E
Club AGM. Meeting - Meeting Room is in the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre, Gardiner Crescent, Blackheath. That's the room under the building at the eastern end.

Starting time is 10 am on Sunday 30th.

Members are invited to send agenda items for the General Meeting.

29-Jul-2017 - 3 M
Day Walk
Dicksonia Forest Ravine and Baroque Spur. Day Walk - A stunning valley of tree ferns off the lower Deep Pass Fire Trail plus Baroque Spur which ends overlooking Dingo Creek with good pagodas. Exploratory walks with great interest

28-Jul-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Lindeman Pass. Day Walk - Bill, Lyn & I plan to walk the whole of Lindeman / Roberts Pass from Valley of the Waters to Leura Cascades.
It is all on a rough un-maintained track & involves some scrambling & possible some scrub / lawyer vine.
Route (plotted on Jim Smith's map) is at the Dropbox URL.

27-Jul-2017 - 5 H
Day Walk
Mugii Murum-ban SCA: The Towers. Day Walk - Co-leader – Peter Medbury
Drive about 1km past Airly Gap; park the cars and walk on the trail around Mount Airly Check out the cave houses on the way, then climb The Towers – the area of high pagodas centred at around GR 222 350. Explore the area, then return the same way. About 12km. Scrambling and exposure.

23-Jul-2017 - 2 EM
Day Walk
Evans Crown 1/2 easy track walk with Tarana pub meal visit. Day Walk - I am leading an easy ½ day track walk for Evans Crown in the Gardens of Stone National Park near Tarana for a late meal and drinks at Tarana pub. Max 8 (min. 3 to start) persons including myself. The pub tiger burger is one to tick off your bucket list!!!

23-Jul-2017 - 4 MH
Windows Abseil Canyon. Abseiling - A dry canyon (possible wet feet, depending on weather). 7 abseils up to 35m. Great views. Helmet & abseiling equipment required.

22-Jul-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Mt Banks Low Traverse. Day Walk - From the Mt Banks car park, follow the fire trail around Mt Banks to where it overlooks the Grose Valley. Drop over the edge and follow the ever narrowing middle ledge north across the face of Mt Banks. There is exposure in the narrow slot known as the Devil’s Throat. An area very rarely walked. 10k

Spectacular views along Banks Wall & one of the best walks I’ve ever done.

22-Jul-2017 - 3 M
Day Walk
Navigation Training for Beginners. Day Walk - Nicole Bordes and Bernard Pailthorpe will conduct a practical navigation course at Kings Tableland Wentworth Falls. Maps will be provided. Participants will need their own compass. Following a theory session you will practice navigating through the bush using a map and compass. Coordinator : Geoff Fox

22-Jul-2017 - 5 HX
Pack Walk
Wollemi National Park: Bylong Labyrinth Area. Pack Walk - Co-leader Ian Thorpe.
Drive on Friday night to Kandos or camp near the walk start. Early start on Saturday morning.
This is a recce walk for the planned Wollemi traverse. Details to be advised after the walk of 1-2 July 2017.
Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.

20-Jul-2017 - 3 M
Day Walk
Redledge Pass. Day Walk - Redledge Pass is one of Katoomba's classic walks. Starting at the locked gate on Narrow Neck we follow Redledge for excellent views of the Megalong Valley. A steep descent of the scree slope brings us to relics of the Glen Shale mine. We then follow the route of the cable way to a steep climb ending at Devils Hole. This walk will be conducted at a slower pace and is suitable for photographers, walkers recovering from injuries and people who walk at a slower pace. It is 50% on track. Expect Blue Mountains Winter conditions.

18-Jul-2017 - 2 EM
Day Walk
North Lawson Falls & Empire Pass. Day Walk - North Lawson, visit the original Echo Pt, now called Echo Bluff & Fairy Falls & return via the Empire Pass.

17-Jul-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Petries Slots – Part 3. Day Walk - Start at Newnes Campground and walk up the Pipeline Track to about GR 447 274, then climb north west to the saddle and continue north on the ridge till GR 445 275. Descend and investigate a major slot to the west. Then, investigate the second major slot 400m north, approaching it either from the bottom or from the top. Exit via Petries Slots Pass at GR 440 283. This plan will be modified frequently during the walk as the terrain is very dissected and full of surprises. About 12k. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.

16-Jul-2017 - 2 EM
Day Walk
Lions Head. Day Walk - Kings Tableland to Lions Head
Fabulous views of Mt Solitary and the Jamison Valley for the whole walk.

15-Jul-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Mt Banks High Traverse. Day Walk - On this walk we'll explore Mt Banks northern and southern pagodas as well as the top of Banks Wall, the highest cliff line in mainland Australia. Depending on time we may explore some of the north-eastern pagoda outcrops. A great lead-in to the Mt Banks Low Traverse.

14-Jul-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Wollemi National Park: Old Baldy and Skywalker Traverse. Day Walk - Start at Newnes Campground and walk up Petries Gully and on to the top of Old Baldy. Traverse the summit westwards, enjoying the amazing views, then use Campground Defile to descend to the lower level and walk Skywalker Traverse eastwards. Come down into Petries Gully and return to the cars. About 6k. Scrambling and exposure. Partly exploratory.

12-Jul-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Walls Head Pass, Cedar Creek, Ruined Castle. Day Walk - Ruth and Sue's Wonderful Wednesday Walks.

Walls Head Pass, Cedar Creek, Ruined Castle.
Park at golden stairs and organise cars.
Walk out to Walls Head, via Narrow neck fire trail, to the head of the pass. Scramble down the chains. The climb down is about 10 metres of exposed rock wall including approx 2m overhang at the bottom. (a rope will be taken to assist).
Then we will work our way around to the base of Cedar Head and follow the contour down to Cedar Creek. If time permits, we will wander a little way down the creek. Return and follow ridge up toward eastern end of Ruined Castle. Walk back to golden stairs.
Bring headlamp, in case of walk out in the dark.
Distance 20km
Descent 600 m
Ascent 600 m

09-Jul-2017 - 3 M
Day Walk
Cliff Top Track - Evans LO to Pulpit Rock Blackheath. Day Walk - This walk follows the Cliff Top Track from Evans LO to Pulpit Rock. Distance : 6 km, with some steps and muddy track sections. There are more than 20 lookouts. We will learn the history of each one. Some are well known while others are hidden. On a fine day there are wonderful views across Govetts Creek. This walk will be conducted at a slower pace. It is suitable for photographers, walkers improving their fitness and people recovering from injury. There will be frequent rests along the way.

08-Jul-2017 - 5 H
Day Walk
Ben Bullen State Forest Series – The Southern Valleys. Day Walk - Ben Bullen State Forest west of the Great Dividing Range encapsulates, in a relatively small area, everything that is exciting and interesting about bushwalking – incredible rock sculptures, tall pagodas, narrow slot canyons, magnificent caves, verdant forests and more. This unique area is currently under serious threat from mining. Find out why this area must be protected for future generations. About 8k. All off track, some rock scrambling and exposure.

07-Jul-2017 - 5 HX
Day Walk
Gardens of Stone National Park: South Eastern Cliff Line of Donkey Mountain. Day Walk - This is the second walk to this area, to re-visit some of the highlights of the first walk and to explore further. Park on Wolgan Road at GR 386 199. Walk up SSE towards the NE end of Donkey Mountain. At about GR 387 190, turn SW and sidle underneath the cliffs, visiting spectacular overhangs, including Masterpiece Wall. At about GR 376 183, take the ramp up to the next level and explore it, moving NE to the extent possible. What happens next will depend on what we will find, but generally the aim is to eventually gain the top of the mountain and return via one of the known passes. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. About 6km.

06-Jul-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
Mount Victoria to Perrys Lookdown via the Grose River. Day Walk - The walk starts at Victoria Falls Lookout and goes down to Victoria Falls, then to Burra Korain Flats,along the Grose River, through the Blue Gum Forest and up to Perrys Lookdown. It is a relatively easy walk, all on track and I estimate it will take 5 to 6 hrs

04-Jul-2017 - 4 MH
Pack Walk
Fraser Island Great Walk. Pack Walk - Fraser Island Great Walk 4-11July 2017- 8 day pack walk. Approx. 11-16 kms per day; Max. 8 walkers. Map : Fraser Island Great Walk Topographic map. Grade between 3M- 4M.
Explore the world's largest sand island on foot and discover ever-changing landscapes, stunning scenery and fascinating natural and cultural heritage.
If you love bushwalking, you’ll love the Fraser Island Great Walk —with secluded walkers’ camp sites along the way. Walk around freshwater lakes and under arching canopies of lush rainforest and feel the warmth of the subtropical sun on a beach that goes on forever. Contact Joanne Armstrong- or 47543612 or 0402 693 859.

01-Jul-2017 - 4 MH
Day Walk
The City In The Sky. Day Walk - Come and see the unusual pagoda complex that forms the 'City In The Sky', an unusual cluster of pagodas on Genowlan Mountain in Mugii Murum-ban SCA. The 'City' is formed by outer walls of large, smooth pagodas that surround a convoluted system of intricate, highly decorated and fragile platey pagodas.

Park on Genowlan Mountain & walk to Genowlan Trig before walking down the spur to the pagodas. Continue through the pagodas and descend through the cliff line before following the fire trail back to the cars.

Walk 6.5k, 3.5k off track, ascent/descent 350m, scrambling. A tape will be carried.

01-Jul-2017 - 4 MH
Windows Abseil Canyon. Abseiling - I have this walk on the CBC program, but there are currently some vacancies which club members are welcome to fill - details will be provided to any interested after the CBC notice deadline on Thursday. A dry canyon (possible wet feet, depending on weather). 7 abseils up to 35m. Great views. Helmet & abseiling equipment required.

01-Jul-2017 - 5 HX
Pack Walk
Wollemi National Park: Lee Creek and Duet Saddle in Bylong Labyrinth. Pack Walk - Map: Growee
Co-leader Ian Thorpe.
Drive on Friday night to Kandos or camp near the walk start. Early start on Saturday morning.
Day 1. Drive one car GR 390 853 and another one to GR 388 816 on Nullo Mountain Road. From the second car, take a ridge W to Lee Creek. Take water and climb into Duet Saddle. Our progress from here will depend on the available time, but we will try to get to as close as possible or to the Goat Mountain. Establish high camp. About 8k.
Day 2. Make our way N to Lee Creek, then up onto Tal Tal Range, follow it SE and descend into Bylong River; then walk E to the first car. Private property access will be arranged. About 12k.
This is a recce walk for the planned Wollemi traverse. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.